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eLoadsheet is a web based weight and balance system and is available both as a locally hosted by airline or in a hosted environment in a SaaS model (Software as a Service). Airlines can use it as a standalone ad hoc system or fully integrated with legacy systems.

The system is designed to increase load control productivity, efficiency, and flexibility and fully supports centralized load control method and integrates with legacy systems to automate the load control process as much as possible.  

eLoadsheet is an online weight and balance system helps airlines to ensure accuracy and integrity of produced load plans worldwide. eLoadsheet is a robust system that has proven itself in the 12 years of service for operators of all shapes and sizes. Its capabilities as a standalone system or a fully integrated solution make it the right choice. eLoadsheet is based on industry standards, nothing proprietary.

•    Online, web based system
•    Install the aircraft once, use it everywhere.
•    Centralized or de-centralized dispatch process
•    Autoload cargo/baggage for optimal loading
•    Automation with management by exception.
•    AHM 560 and AHM 565 support
•    Extensive message dispatch capabilities
•    All data driven by the customer
•    Class, Zone and Row Trim supported
•    Compartment and Bay trim supported
•    Compliant with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
•    Integrates with 3rd party systems.
eLoadsheet was specifically designed from ground up to support load control for aircraft operators of all shapes and sizes with support for a variety of aircraft. A single source of data rather than miscellaneous sources of information in disparate systems. Safety and security measures ensure proper load plans are processed and user´s attention is directed where needed with an intuitive user interface.

eLoadsheet provides full support for centralized load control and capable of a complete integration with legacy systems and 3rd party applications. eLoadsheet provides the capabilities to manually/automatically distribute weight to optimize the airworthiness of an aircraft resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced strain on the aircraft´s structure. 

eLoadsheet: Services
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