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eLoadsheet is a web based weight and balance system and is available both as a locally hosted by airline or in a hosted environment in a SaaS model (Software as a Service). Airlines can use it as a standalone ad hoc system or fully integrated with legacy systems.

The system is designed to increase load control productivity, efficiency, and flexibility and fully supports centralized load control method and integrates with legacy systems to automate the load control process as much as possible.  


Powerloader provides operators with a mobile weight and balance to ensure accuracy and integrity of the load control process whilst off line, extended into the cockpit or as a secondary solution. Powerloader uses the same aircraft database as eLoadsheet, install the aircraft once and use it everywhere and in all devices.

Powerloader is available on iPad and windows desktop.


The Flyware Integrator is an integration service that manages the integration of 3rd party systems with Flyware´s systems. The Flyware Integrator provides services for many commercially available systems like Jeppesen Flight Planning, Navitaire Newskies passenger DCS system, Amadeus Altea passenger DCS system, Netline OPS/CREW, PPS Flight Planning System, Navtec Flight plan, LMS cargo System from Unisys, Nextlog Cargo  System, AIMS Crew and shedule system.  We can integrate with most systems contact Flyware for more information. 

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